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Psalm 119[a]

א alef

119 Those whose way is blameless—
    who walk in the Lord’s Instruction—are truly happy!
Those who guard God’s laws are truly happy!
    They seek God with all their hearts.
They don’t even do anything wrong!
    They walk in God’s ways.
God, you have ordered that your decrees
    should be kept most carefully.
How I wish my ways were strong
    when it comes to keeping your statutes!
Then I wouldn’t be ashamed
    when I examine all your commandments.
I will give thanks to you with a heart that does right
    as I learn your righteous rules.
I will keep your statutes.
    Please don’t leave me all alone!

ב bet

How can young people keep their paths pure?
    By guarding them according to what you’ve said.[b]
10 I have sought you with all my heart.
    Don’t let me stray from any of your commandments!
11 I keep your word close, in my heart,
    so that I won’t sin against you.
12 You, Lord, are to be blessed!
    Teach me your statutes.
13 I will declare out loud
    all the rules you have spoken.
14 I rejoice in the content of your laws
    as if I were rejoicing over great wealth.
15 I will think about your precepts
    and examine all your paths.
16 I will delight in your statutes;
    I will not forget what you have said.

ג gimel

17 Be good to your servant so I can go on living
        and keeping your word.
18 Open my eyes so I can examine
        the wonders of your Instruction!
19 I’m an immigrant in the land.
    Don’t hide your commandments from me!
20 I’m worn out by longing
    every minute for your rules!
21 You rebuke the arrogant, accursed people
    who stray from your commandments.
22 Take all their insults and contempt away from me
    because I’ve kept your laws!
23 Even if rulers gather and scheme against me,
    your servant will contemplate your statutes!
24 Yes, your laws are my joy—
    they are my most trusted advisors!

ד dalet

25 My life is stuck in the dirt.
    Now make me live again according to your promise!
26 I confessed my ways and you answered me.
    Now teach me your statutes!
27 Help me understand what your precepts are about
    so I can contemplate your wondrous works!
28 My spirit sags because of grief.
    Now raise me up according to your promise!
29 Remove all false ways from me;
    show mercy to me by means of your Instruction.
30 I’ve chosen the way of faithfulness;
    I’m set on your rules.
31 I’m holding tight to your laws, Lord.
    Please don’t let me be put to shame.
32 I run the same path as your commandments
    because you give my heart insight.

ה he

33 Lord, teach me what your statutes are about,
    and I will guard every part of them.
34 Help me understand so I can guard your Instruction
    and keep it with all my heart.
35 Lead me on the trail of your commandments
    because that is what I want.
36 Turn my heart to your laws,
    not to greedy gain.
37 Turn my eyes away from looking at worthless things.
    Make me live by your way.
38 Confirm your promise to your servant—
    the promise that is for all those who honor you.
39 Remove the insults that I dread
    because your rules are good.
40 Look how I desire your precepts!
    Make me live by your righteousness.

ו waw

41 Lord, let your faithful love come to me—
        let your salvation come to me according to your promise—
42     so I can have a response for those who mock me
        because I have trusted in your word!
43 Please don’t take your true word out of my mouth,
    because I have waited for your rules.
44 I will always keep your Instruction,
    always and forever!
45 I will walk around in wide-open spaces,
    because I have pursued your precepts.
46 I will talk about your laws
    before rulers with no shame whatsoever.
47 I will rejoice in your commandments
    because I love them.
48 I will lift up my hands to your commandments
    because I love them,
    and I will contemplate all your statutes.

ז zayin

49 Remember your promise to your servant,
    for which you made me wait.
50 My comfort during my suffering is this:
    your word gives me new life.
51 The arrogant make fun of me to no end,
    but I haven’t deviated from your Instruction.
52 When I remember your ancient rules,
    I’m comforted, Lord.
53 But I’m seized with anger because of the wicked—
    because of those who abandon your Instruction.
54 Your statutes have been my songs of praise
    wherever I lived as an immigrant.
55 Lord, I remember your name at nighttime,
    and I keep your Instruction.
56 This has been my practice
    because I guard your precepts.

ח khet

57 The Lord is my possession.
    I promise to do what you have said.
58 I’ve sought your favor with all my heart;
    have mercy on me according to your word.
59 I’ve considered my ways and turned my feet back to your laws.
60 I hurry to keep your commandments—
    I never put it off!
61 Though the wicked have surrounded me with their ropes,
    I haven’t forgotten your Instruction.
62 I get up in the middle of the night to give thanks to you
    because of your righteous rules.
63 I’m a friend to everyone who honors you
    and to all who keep your precepts.
64 Lord, the world is full of your faithful love!
    Teach me your statutes!

ט tet

65 You have treated your servant well,
    Lord, according to your promise.
66 Teach me knowledge and good judgment
    because I’ve put my trust in your commandments.
67 Before I suffered, I took the wrong way,
    but now I do what you say.
68 You are good and you do good.
    Teach me your statutes!
69 The arrogant cover me with their lies,
    but I guard your precepts with all my heart.
70 Their hearts are unfeeling, like blubber,
    but I rejoice in your Instruction.
71 My suffering was good for me,
    because through it I learned your statutes.
72 The Instruction you’ve given to me is better
    than thousands of pieces of gold and silver!

י yod

73 Your hands have made me and set me in place.
    Help me understand so I can learn your commandments.
74 Then those who honor you will see me and be glad
    because I have waited for your promise.
75 Lord, I know that your rules are right
    and that you rightly made me suffer.
76 Please let your faithful love comfort me,
    according to what you’ve said to your servant.
77 Let your compassion come to me so I can live again,
    because your Instruction is my joy!
78 But let the arrogant be ashamed
    because they oppressed me with lies—
        meanwhile, I will be contemplating your precepts!
79 Let the people who honor you come back to me;
    let those who know your precepts return to me.
80 Let my heart be blameless in your statutes
    so that I am not put to shame.

כ kaf

81 My whole being yearns for your saving help!
    I wait for your promise.
82     My eyes are worn out looking for your word.
“When will you comfort me?” I ask,
83     because I’ve become like a bottle dried up by smoke,
    though I haven’t forgotten your statutes.
84 How much more time does your servant have?
    When will you bring my oppressors to justice?
85 The arrogant have dug pits for me—
    those people who act against your Instruction.
86 All your commandments are true,
    but people harass me for no reason.
    Help me!
87 They’ve almost wiped me off the face of the earth!
    Meanwhile, I haven’t abandoned your precepts!
88 Make me live again according to your faithful love
    so I can keep the law you’ve given!

ל lamed

89 Your word, Lord,
    stands firm in heaven forever!
90 Your faithfulness extends from one generation to the next!
    You set the earth firmly in place, and it is still there.
91 Your rules endure to this day
    because everything serves you.
92 If your Instruction hadn’t been my delight,
    I would have died because of my suffering.
93 I will never forget your precepts
    because through them you gave me life again.
94 I’m yours—save me
    because I’ve pursued your precepts!
95 The wicked wait for me,
wanting to kill me, but I’m studying your laws.
96 I’ve seen that everything,
    no matter how perfect, has a limit,[c]
    but your commandment is boundless.

מ mem

97 I love your Instruction!
    I think about it constantly.
98 Your commandment makes me wiser than my enemies
    because it is always with me.
99 I have greater insight than all my teachers
    because I contemplate your laws.
100 I have more understanding than the elders
    because I guard your precepts.
101 I haven’t set my feet on any evil path
    so I can make sure to keep your word.
102 I haven’t deviated from any of your rules
    because you are the one who has taught me.
103 Your word is so pleasing to my taste buds—
    it’s sweeter than honey in my mouth!
104 I’m studying your precepts—
    that’s why I hate every false path.

נ nun

105 Your word is a lamp before my feet
    and a light for my journey.
106 I have sworn, and I fully mean it:
    I will keep your righteous rules.
107 I have been suffering so much—
    Lord, make me live again according to your promise.
108 Please, Lord, accept my spontaneous gifts of praise.
    Teach me your rules!
109 Though my life is constantly in danger,
    I won’t forget your Instruction.
110 Though the wicked have set a trap for me,
    I won’t stray from your precepts.
111 Your laws are my possession forever
    because they are my heart’s joy.
112 I have decided to keep your statutes forever, every last one.

ס samek

113 I hate fickle people,
    but I love your Instruction.
114 You are my shelter and my shield—
    I wait for your promise.
115 Get away from me, you evildoers;
    I want to guard my God’s commandments!
116 Sustain me according to your word so I can live!
    Don’t let me be put to shame because of hope.
117 Support me so I can be saved
    and so I can focus constantly on your statutes.
118 You discard everyone who strays from your statutes
    because they are dishonest and false.
119 You dispose of all the wicked people on earth like waste—
    that’s why I love your laws.
120 My body shudders because I fear you;
    I’m in awe of your rules.

ע ayin

121 I’ve done what is just and right.
    Don’t just hand me over to my oppressors.
122 Guarantee good things for your servant.
    Please don’t let the arrogant oppress me.
123 My eyes are worn out looking for your saving help—
    looking for your word that will set things right.
124 Act toward your servant according to your faithful love.
    Teach me your statutes!
125 I’m your servant!
    Help me understand so I can know your laws.
126 It is time for the Lord to do something!
    Your Instruction has been broken.
127 But I love your commandments
    more than gold, even more than pure gold.
128 That’s why I walk straight by every single one of your precepts.
    That’s why I hate every false path.

פ pe

129 Your laws are wonderful!
    That’s why I guard them.
130 Access to your words[d] gives light,
    giving simple folk understanding.
131 I open my mouth up wide, panting,
    because I long for your commandments.
132 Come back to me and have mercy on me;
    that’s only right for those who love your name.
133 Keep my steps steady by your word;
    don’t let any sin rule me.
134 Redeem me from the people who oppress me
    so I can keep your precepts.
135 Shine your face on your servant,
    and teach me your statutes.
136 Rivers of tears stream from my eyes
    because your Instruction isn’t being kept.

צ tsade

137 Lord, you are righteous,
    and your rules are right.
138 The laws you commanded are righteous,
    completely trustworthy.
139 Anger consumes me
    because my enemies have forgotten what you’ve said.
140 Your word has been tried and tested;
    your servant loves your word!
141 I’m insignificant and unpopular,
    but I don’t forget your precepts.
142 Your righteousness lasts forever!
    Your Instruction is true!
143 Stress and strain have caught up with me,
    but your commandments are my joy!
144 Your laws are righteous forever.
    Help me understand so I can live!

ק qof

145 I cry out with all my heart:
    Lord, answer me so I can guard your statutes!”
146 I cry out to you, “Save me
    so I can keep your laws!”
147 I meet the predawn light and cry for help.
    I wait for your promise.
148 My eyes encounter each hour of the night
    as I think about your word.
149 Listen to my voice, according to your faithful love.
    Lord, make me live again, according to your justice.
150 The people who love to plot wicked schemes are nearby,
    but they are so far from your Instruction!
151 But you, Lord, are nearby too,
    and all your commandments are true.
152 Long ago I learned from your laws
    that you had established them forever.

ר resh

153 Look at my suffering and deliver me
    because I haven’t forgotten your Instruction.
154 Argue my case and redeem me.
    Make me live again by your word.
155 Salvation is far from the wicked
    because they haven’t pursued your statutes.
156 You have so much compassion, Lord
    make me live again, according to your rules.
157 My oppressors and enemies are many,
    but I haven’t turned away from your laws.
158 I look on the faithless, and I am disgusted
    because they haven’t kept your word.
159 Look at how much I love your precepts.
    Make me live again, Lord, according to your faithful love!
160 The first thing to know about your word is that it is true
    and that all your righteous rules last forever.

שׂ sin and שׁ shin

161 Rulers oppress me without cause,
    but my heart honors what you’ve said.
162 I’m overjoyed at your word,
    like someone who finds great treasure.
163 I hate, I absolutely despise, what is false,
    but I’m in love with your Instruction.
164 I praise you seven times a day
    for your righteous rules.
165 The people who love your Instruction enjoy peace—and lots of it.
    There’s no stumbling for them!
166 Lord, I wait for your saving help.
    I do what you’ve commanded.
167 I keep your laws;
    I love them so much!
168 I keep your precepts and your laws
    because all my ways are seen by you.

ת tav

169 Let my cry reach you, Lord;
    help me understand according to what you’ve said.
170 Let my request for grace come before you;
    deliver me according to your promise!
171 Let my lips overflow with praise
    because you’ve taught me your statutes.
172 Let my tongue declare your word,
    because all your commandments are righteous.
173 Let your power help me
    because I have chosen your precepts.
174 Lord, I long for your saving help!
    Your Instruction is my joy!
175 Let me live again so I can praise you!
    Let your rules help me!
176 I’ve wandered off like a sheep, lost.
    Find your servant
        because I haven’t forgotten
        your commandments!


  1. Psalm 119:1 Ps 119 is an alphabetic acrostic poem (cf Pss 9–10) in Heb, with each line of Heb within the marked sections beginning with the same letter of the alphabet.
  2. Psalm 119:9 LXX
  3. Psalm 119:96 Heb uncertain
  4. Psalm 119:130 Vulg, Sym