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Psalm 119:49-64 Good News Translation (GNT)

Confidence in the Law of the Lord

49 Remember your promise to me, your servant;
    it has given me hope.
50 Even in my suffering I was comforted
    because your promise gave me life.
51 The proud are always scornful of me,
    but I have not departed from your law.
52 I remember your judgments of long ago,
    and they bring me comfort, O Lord.
53 When I see the wicked breaking your law,
    I am filled with anger.
54 During my brief earthly life
    I compose songs about your commands.
55 In the night I remember you, Lord,
    and I think about your law.
56 I find my happiness
    in obeying your commands.

Devotion to the Law of the Lord

57 You are all I want, O Lord;
    I promise to obey your laws.
58 I ask you with all my heart
    to have mercy on me, as you have promised!
59 I have considered my conduct,
    and I promise to follow your instructions.
60 Without delay I hurry
    to obey your commands.
61 The wicked have laid a trap for me,
    but I do not forget your law.
62 In the middle of the night I wake up
    to praise you for your righteous judgments.
63 I am a friend of all who serve you,
    of all who obey your laws.
64 Lord, the earth is full of your constant love;
    teach me your commandments.

Good News Translation (GNT)

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Psalm 119:49-64 New International Version (NIV)

ז Zayin

49 Remember your word to your servant,
    for you have given me hope.
50 My comfort in my suffering is this:
    Your promise preserves my life.
51 The arrogant mock me unmercifully,
    but I do not turn from your law.
52 I remember, Lord, your ancient laws,
    and I find comfort in them.
53 Indignation grips me because of the wicked,
    who have forsaken your law.
54 Your decrees are the theme of my song
    wherever I lodge.
55 In the night, Lord, I remember your name,
    that I may keep your law.
56 This has been my practice:
    I obey your precepts.

ח Heth

57 You are my portion, Lord;
    I have promised to obey your words.
58 I have sought your face with all my heart;
    be gracious to me according to your promise.
59 I have considered my ways
    and have turned my steps to your statutes.
60 I will hasten and not delay
    to obey your commands.
61 Though the wicked bind me with ropes,
    I will not forget your law.
62 At midnight I rise to give you thanks
    for your righteous laws.
63 I am a friend to all who fear you,
    to all who follow your precepts.
64 The earth is filled with your love, Lord;
    teach me your decrees.

New International Version (NIV)

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