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33 Point out your rules, Lord,
and I won't disobey
    even one of them.
34 Help me to understand your Law;
I promise to obey it
    with all my heart.
35 Direct me by your commands!
    I love to do what you say.
36 Make me want to obey you,
    rather than to be rich.
37 Take away my foolish desires,
and let me find life
    by walking with you.
38 I am your servant!
Do for me what you promised
    to those who worship you.
39 Your wonderful teachings
protect me from the insults
    that I hate so much.
40 I long for your teachings.
Be true to yourself
    and let me live.

41 Show me your love
and save me, Lord,
    as you have promised.
42 Then I will have an answer
for everyone who insults me
    for trusting your word.
43 I rely on your laws!
Don't take away my chance
    to speak your truth.
44 I will keep obeying your Law
    forever and ever.
45 I have gained perfect freedom
    by following your teachings,
46 and I trust them so much
    that I tell them to kings.
47 I love your commands!
    They bring me happiness.
48 I love and respect them
    and will keep them in mind.

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