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121 I did what was fair and right!
Don't hand me over to those
    who want to mistreat me.
122 Take good care of me,
    your servant,
and don't let me be harmed
    by those conceited people.
123 My eyes are weary from waiting
to see you keep your promise
    to come and save me.
124 Show your love for me,
your servant,
    and teach me your laws.
125 I serve you,
so let me understand
    your teachings.
126 Do something, Lord!
    They have broken your Law.
127 Your laws mean more to me
    than the finest gold.
128 I follow all your commands,[a]
but I hate anyone
    who leads me astray.

129 Your teachings are wonderful,
    and I respect them all.
130 Understanding your word
brings light to the minds
    of ordinary people.
131 I honestly want to know
    everything you teach.
132 Think about me and be kind,
just as you are to everyone
    who loves your name.
133 Keep your promise
and don't let me stumble
    or let sin control my life.
134 Protect me from abuse,
    so I can obey your laws.
135 Smile on me, your servant,
    and teach me your laws.
136 When anyone disobeys you,
    my eyes overflow with tears.

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  1. 119.128 I … commands: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.

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