21 But You, [a]God, the Lord, deal kindly with me (A)for the sake of Your name;
Because (B)Your mercy is good, rescue me;
22 For (C)I am afflicted and needy,
And [b]my heart is (D)wounded within me.
23 I am passing (E)like a shadow when it lengthens;
I am shaken off (F)like the locust.
24 My (G)knees [c]are weak from (H)fasting,
And my flesh has grown lean, without fatness.
25 I also have become a (I)disgrace to them;
When they see me, they (J)shake their head.

26 (K)Help me, Lord my God;
Save me according to Your mercy.
27 [d]And may they (L)know that this is Your hand;
You, Lord, have done it.

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  1. Psalm 109:21 Heb YHWH, usually rendered Lord
  2. Psalm 109:22 Lit one has pierced my heart within me
  3. Psalm 109:24 Or totter
  4. Psalm 109:27 Or That they may know

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