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A Prayer for God’s Help

A poetic psalm by King David

108 My heart, O God, is focused and determined.
    Now I can sing my song with passionate praises!
    Awake, O my soul, with the music of his splendor.
Arise, my soul, and sing his praises!
    I will awaken the dawn with my worship,
    greeting the daybreak with my songs of light.
Wherever I go, I will thank you.
    All the nations will hear my praise songs to you.
Your love is so extravagant, it reaches higher than the heavens!
    Your faithfulness is so astonishing, it stretches to the skies!
Lord God, be exalted as you soar throughout the heavens.
    May your shining glory be seen high above all the earth!
Come to your beloved ones and gently draw us out.
    Answer our prayer for your saving help.
    Come with your might and strength, for we need you, Lord!
7–9 Then I heard the Lord speak in his holy splendor,
    and from his sanctuary I heard the Lord promise:
    “In my triumph I will be the one to measure out
    the portion of my inheritance to my people,
    and I will secure the land as I promised you.
    Shechem, Succoth, Gilead, Manasseh[a]
    they are all still mine!” he says.
    “Judah will continue to produce kings and lawgivers,
    and Ephraim will produce great warriors.
    Moab will become my lowly servant.
    Edom will likewise serve my purposes.
    I will lift up a shout of victory over the land of Philistia!
10 But who will bring my triumph into Edom’s fortresses?”[b]
11 Lord, have you really rejected us, refusing to fight our battles?
12 Give us a father’s help when we face our enemies.
    For to trust in any man is an empty hope.
13 With God’s help we will prevail with might and power.
    And with God’s help we’ll trample down our every foe!


  1. 108:7–9 The Hebrew includes two geographical places in the text: Shechem and Succoth. Shechem is where Jacob (Israel) first bought title to the land, paying one hundred pieces of silver for the place where he camped. Succoth is another place where Jacob temporarily camped in the Land of Promise. These two places speak of God being the one who brought them in and portioned out the land for his people.
  2. 108:10 Edom is a variant form of the word Adam.