94 1 He prayeth unto God against the violence and arrogance of tyrants, 10 warning them of God’s judgments. 12 Then doth he comfort the afflicted by the good issue of their afflictions, as he felt in himself, and did set in others, and by the ruin of the wicked, 23 whom the Lord will destroy.

O Lord God [a]the avenger, O God the avenger, show thyself [b]clearly.

Exalt thyself, O Judge of the world, and render a reward to the proud.

Lord, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked [c]triumph?

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  1. Psalm 94:1 Whose office it is to take vengeance on the wicked.
  2. Psalm 94:1 Show by effect that thou art Judge of the world to punish the wicked.
  3. Psalm 94:3 That is, brag of their cruelty and oppression: or esteem themselves above all others.

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