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The spiritually insensitive do not recognize this;
the fool does not understand this.[a]
When the wicked sprout up like grass,
and all the evildoers glisten,[b]
it is so that they may be annihilated.[c]
But you, O Lord, reign[d] forever.

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  1. Psalm 92:6 tn Heb “the brutish man does not know, and the fool does not understand this.” The adjective בַּעַר (baʿar, “brutish”) refers to spiritual insensitivity, not mere lack of intelligence or reasoning ability (see Pss 49:10; 73:22; Prov 12:1; 30:2, as well as the use of the related verb in Ps 94:8).
  2. Psalm 92:7 tn Or “flourish.”
  3. Psalm 92:7 tn Heb “in order that they might be destroyed permanently.”sn God allows the wicked to prosper temporarily so that he might reveal his justice. When the wicked are annihilated, God demonstrates that wickedness does not pay off.
  4. Psalm 92:8 tn Heb “[are elevated] on high.”