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70 To the victory, [the psalm] of David, to have mind. God, behold thou into mine help; Lord, haste thou to help me. (To victory, the song of David, to bring to mind or remembrance. God, look thou to help me; Lord, hasten thou to help me.)[a]

Be they shamed, and ashamed; that seek my life. Be they turned aback; and shame they, that will evils to me. (Be they shamed, and ashamed; all who seek to take my life. Be they turned back, and be ashamed; all who desire evil for me.)

Be they turned away anon, and shame they; that say to me, Well! well! (Be they turned away at once, and be they ashamed; who scornfully say to me, Well! well!)

All men that seek thee, make fully joy, and be glad in thee; and they that love thine health, say ever[more], The Lord be magnified. (But let all those who seek thee, make full out joy, or rejoice, and be glad in thee; and let those who love thy salvation, or thy deliverance, say forevermore, The Lord be magnified.)

Forsooth I am a needy man, and poor (But I am a poor and needy man); God help thou me. Thou art mine helper and my deliverer; Lord, tarry thou not.


  1. Psalm 70:1 Compare Psalm 70:1-5 to Psalm 40:13-17.