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16 whereto believe ye falsely, (ye) crudded hills? The hill in which it pleaseth well God to dwell therein; for the Lord shall dwell (there) into the end. (But why, ye curdled hills, gaze ye with envy at the hill where it well pleaseth God to live? for the Lord shall live there forever!)

17 The chariot of God is manyfold with ten thousand, a thousand of them that be glad; the Lord was in them, in Sinai, in the holy (place). (The chariots of God be twice ten thousand, yea, many thousands; the Lord came with them, from Sinai, to the holy place.)

18 Thou ascendedest on high, thou tookest captivity (captive); thou receivedest gifts among men. For why thou tookest (also from) them that believed not; for to dwell in the Lord God. (Thou ascendedest on high, thou tookest the captivity captive; thou receivedest gifts, or tribute, from people. But thou also receivedest gifts from those who believed not/from those who were rebellious; so that the Lord God might live among them.)

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