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15–16 O huge, magnificent mountain,
you are the mighty kingdom of God![a]
All the other peaks, though impressive and imposing,
look with envy on you, Mount Zion!
For Zion is the mountain where God has chosen to live forever.
17 Look! The mighty chariots of God!
Ten thousands upon ten thousands,
more than anyone could ever number.
God is at the front,
leading them all from Mount Sinai into his sanctuary
with the radiance of holiness upon him.[b]
18 He ascends into the heavenly heights,
taking his many captured ones with him,
leading them in triumphal procession.
And gifts were given to men, even the once rebellious,
so that they may dwell with Yah.

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  1. Psalm 68:15 The Septuagint reads “mountain of provision.”
  2. Psalm 68:17 The Septuagint says, “The Lord sends his provisions from his Holy Place on Mount Sinai.”

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