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He rules[a] by his power forever;
he watches[b] the nations.
Stubborn rebels should not exalt[c] themselves. (Selah)
Praise[d] our God, you nations.
Loudly proclaim his praise.[e]
He preserves our lives[f]
and does not allow our feet to slip.

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  1. Psalm 66:7 tn Heb “[the] one who rules.”
  2. Psalm 66:7 tn Heb “his eyes watch.” “Eyes” are an anthropomorphism, attributed to God here to emphasize his awareness of all that happens on earth.
  3. Psalm 66:7 tn The verb form is jussive (note the negative particle אַל, ʾal). The Kethib (consonantal text) has a Hiphil form of the verb, apparently to be understood in an exhibitive sense (“demonstrate stubborn rebellion”; see BDB 927 s.v. רוּם Hiph), while the Qere (marginal reading) has a Qal form, to be understood in an intransitive sense. The preposition ל (lamed) with pronominal suffix should be understood in a reflexive sense (“for themselves”) and indicates that the action is performed with the interest of the subject in mind.
  4. Psalm 66:8 tn Heb “bless,” in the sense of declaring “God to be the source of…special power” (see HALOT 160 s.v. II ברך pi).
  5. Psalm 66:8 tn Heb “cause the voice of his praise to be heard.”
  6. Psalm 66:9 tn Heb “the one who places our soul in life.”

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