Prayer for Rescue from Secret Enemies.

For the music director. A Psalm of David.

64 Hear my voice, God, in (A)my [a]complaint;
(B)Protect my life from dread of the enemy.
Hide me from the (C)secret discussion of evildoers,
From the restlessness of (D)the workers of injustice,
Who (E)have sharpened their tongues like a sword.
They (F)aimed bitter speech as their arrows,
To (G)shoot [b]from concealment at the innocent;
Suddenly they shoot at him, and (H)do not fear.
They make firm for themselves an evil [c]purpose;
They [d]talk of (I)setting snares secretly;
They say, “(J)Who can see them?”
They [e]devise injustices, saying,
“We are [f]ready with a well-conceived plot”;
For the [g](K)inward thought and the heart of a person are [h]deep.

But (L)God [i]will shoot an arrow at them;
Suddenly [j]they will be wounded.
So [k]they [l]will (M)make him stumble;
(N)Their own tongue is against them;
All who see them will (O)shake their heads.
Then all people [m]will (P)fear,
And they [n]will (Q)declare the work of God,
And [o]will consider [p]what He has done.
10 The righteous person will be (R)glad in the Lord and (S)take refuge in Him;
And all the upright in heart will boast.


  1. Psalm 64:1 Or concern
  2. Psalm 64:4 Lit in
  3. Psalm 64:5 Lit matter
  4. Psalm 64:5 Lit tell of
  5. Psalm 64:6 Or search out
  6. Psalm 64:6 Lit complete
  7. Psalm 64:6 Or inward part
  8. Psalm 64:6 Or unsearchable
  9. Psalm 64:7 Or shot
  10. Psalm 64:7 Or they were wounded; lit their wounds occurred
  11. Psalm 64:8 Or they make their tongue a stumbling for themselves
  12. Psalm 64:8 Or made
  13. Psalm 64:9 Or feared
  14. Psalm 64:9 Or declared
  15. Psalm 64:9 Or considered
  16. Psalm 64:9 Lit His work

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