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Psalm 60:5-7 New English Translation (NET Bible)

Deliver by your power[a] and answer me,[b]
so that the ones you love may be safe.[c]
God has spoken in his sanctuary:[d]
“I will triumph. I will parcel out Shechem;
the Valley of Sukkoth I will measure off.[e]
Gilead belongs to me,
as does Manasseh.[f]
Ephraim is my helmet,[g]
Judah my royal scepter.[h]


  1. Psalm 60:5 tn Heb “right hand.”
  2. Psalm 60:5 tn The Qere (marginal reading) has “me,” while the Kethib (consonantal text) has “us.”
  3. Psalm 60:5 tn Or “may be rescued.” The lines are actually reversed in the Hebrew text, “So that the ones you love may be rescued, deliver by your power and answer me.”
  4. Psalm 60:6 tn Heb “in his holy place.”
  5. Psalm 60:6 sn Shechem stands for the territory west of the Jordan, the Valley of Sukkoth for the region east of the Jordan.
  6. Psalm 60:7 sn Gilead was located east of the Jordan. Half of the tribe of Manasseh lived east of the Jordan in the region of Bashan.
  7. Psalm 60:7 tn Heb “the protection of my head.”sn Ephraim, named after one of Joseph’s sons, was one of two major tribes located west of the Jordan. By comparing Ephraim to a helmet, the Lord suggests that the Ephraimites played a primary role in the defense of his land.
  8. Psalm 60:7 sn Judah, like Ephraim, was the other major tribe west of the Jordan. The Davidic king, symbolized here by the royal scepter, came from this tribe.
New English Translation (NET)

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