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Psalm 50:3-5 New English Translation (NET Bible)

“May our God come
and not be silent.”
Consuming fire goes ahead of him,
and all around him a storm rages.[a]
He summons the heavens above,
as well as the earth, so that he might judge his people.[b]
He says:[c]
“Assemble my covenant people before me,[d]
those who ratified a covenant with me by sacrifice.”[e]


  1. Psalm 50:3 tn Heb “fire before him devours, and around him it is very stormy.”
  2. Psalm 50:4 tn Or perhaps “to testify against his people.”sn The personified heavens and earth (see v. 1 as well) are summoned to God’s courtroom as witnesses against God’s covenant people (see Isa 1:2). Long before this Moses warned the people that the heavens and earth would be watching their actions (see Deut 4:26; 30:19; 31:28; 32:1).
  3. Psalm 50:5 tn The words “he says” are supplied in the translation for clarification. God’s summons to the defendant follows.
  4. Psalm 50:5 tn Or “Gather to me my covenant people.” The Hebrew term חָסִיד (khasid, “covenant people”) elsewhere in the psalms is used in a positive sense of God’s loyal followers (see the note at Ps 4:3), but here, as the following line makes clear, the term has a neutral sense and simply refers to those who have outwardly sworn allegiance to God, not necessarily to those whose loyalty is genuine.
  5. Psalm 50:5 tn Heb “the cutters of my covenant according to sacrifice.” A sacrifice accompanied the covenant-making ceremony and formally ratified the agreement (see Exod 24:3-8).
New English Translation (NET)

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