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10 For every wild animal in the forest belongs to me,
as well as the cattle that graze on a thousand hills.[a]
11 I keep track of[b] every bird in the hills,
and the insects[c] of the field are mine.
12 Even if I were hungry, I would not tell you,
for the world and all it contains belong to me.

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  1. Psalm 50:10 tn Heb “[the] animals on a thousand hills.” The words “that graze” are supplied in the translation for clarification. The term בְּהֵמוֹה (behemot, “animal”) refers here to cattle (see Ps 104:14).
  2. Psalm 50:11 tn Heb “I know.”
  3. Psalm 50:11 tn The precise referent of the Hebrew word, which occurs only here and in Ps 80:13, is uncertain. Aramaic, Arabic and Akkadian cognates refer to insects, such as locusts or crickets.