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Psalm 48:6-8 The Passion Translation (TPT)

4–6 See how the mighty kings united to come against Zion,
yet when they saw God manifest in front of their eyes,
they were stunned.
Trembling, they all fled away, gripped with fear.[a]
Seized with panic, they doubled up in frightful anguish
like a woman in the labor pains of childbirth.
Like a hurricane blowing and breaking the invading ships,[b]
God blows upon them and breaks them to pieces.
We have heard about these wonders,
and then we saw them with our own eyes.
For this is the city of the Commander of Angel Armies,
the city of our God, safe and secure forever!
Pause in his presence


  1. Psalm 48:4 This no doubt refers to the night the angel of the Lord descended into the ranks of the Assyrians and killed 185,000 men. See Isa. 37:36.
  2. Psalm 48:7 Or “ships of Tarshish.”
The Passion Translation (TPT)

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