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11 Let Mount Zion[a] rejoice;
let the daughters of Judah rejoice
because of your judgments.
12 Walk about Zion and circle it;
count her towers.
13 Consider well[b] her ramparts.
Go through her citadels
so that you can tell the next generation

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  1. Psalm 48:11 Literally “the mountain of Zion”
  2. Psalm 48:13 Literally “Set your heart to”

11 Mount Zion rejoices,
    the villages of Judah are glad
    because of your judgments.(A)

12 Walk about Zion, go around her,
    count her towers,(B)
13 consider well her ramparts,(C)
    view her citadels,(D)
that you may tell of them
    to the next generation.(E)

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