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10 My enemies’ taunts cut me to the bone,[a]
as they say to me all day long, “Where is your God?”[b]
11 Why are you depressed,[c] O my soul?[d]
Why are you upset?[e]
Wait for God!
For I will again give thanks
to my God for his saving intervention.[f]

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  1. Psalm 42:10 tc Heb “with a shattering in my bones my enemies taunt me.” A few medieval Hebrew mss and Symmachus’ Greek version read “like” instead of “with.”
  2. Psalm 42:10 sn “Where is your God?” The enemies ask this same question in v. 3.
  3. Psalm 42:11 tn Heb “Why do you bow down?”
  4. Psalm 42:11 sn For poetic effect the psalmist addresses his soul, or inner self.
  5. Psalm 42:11 tn Heb “and why are you in turmoil upon me?”
  6. Psalm 42:11 tc Heb “for again I will give him thanks, the saving acts of my face and my God.” The last line should be emended to read יְשׁוּעֹת פְנֵי אֱלֹהָי (yeshuʿot feney ʾelohay, “[for] the saving acts of the face of my God”), that is, the saving acts associated with God’s presence/intervention. This refrain is almost identical to the one in v. 5. See also Ps 43:5.

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