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Psalm 40:4-6 Expanded Bible (EXB)

·Happy [Blessed] is the person
    who ·trusts [finds refuge in] the Lord,
who doesn’t turn to those who are proud
    or to those who ·worship [go astray to] ·false gods [L a lie].
Lord my God, you have done many ·miracles [wonders; great acts].
    Your plans for us are many.
If I tried to tell them all,
    there would be too many to count [104:24; 139:17–18; John 21:25].

You do not want sacrifices and ·offerings [grain offerings; or gifts; tribute; Lev. 2:1].
    But you have ·made a hole in [or pierced; L dug] my ear [C to make him hear better or perhaps a reference to the ritual that made one a slave forever; Ex. 21:6; Heb. 10:5–7].
You do not ask for burnt offerings [Lev. 1:1–17]
    and ·sin [or purification] offerings [Lev. 4:3].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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