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Lord, ·tell [inform; reveal to] me when ·the end [or my end] will come
    and how long ·I will live [L will be my days].
    Let me know how ·long I have [L fleeting I am; 90:1–12].
You have given ·me only a short life [L my days a handbreadth; C about four inches];
    my lifetime is like nothing to you.
    Everyone’s life is only ·a breath [vapor; Eccl. 1:2]. ·Selah [Interlude]
People are like shadows moving about.
    All their ·work [or wealth; or turmoil] is ·for nothing [a breath/vapor; Luke 12:13–21; James 4:3–17];
they ·collect things [accumulate riches/wealth] but don’t know who will ·get [gather] them.

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