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17 For I am about to stumble,
and I am in constant pain.[a]
18 Yes,[b] I confess my wrongdoing,
and I am concerned about my sins.
19 But those who are my enemies for no reason are numerous;[c]
those who hate me without cause outnumber me.[d]

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  1. Psalm 38:17 tn Heb “and my pain [is] before me continually.”
  2. Psalm 38:18 tn Or “for.” The translation assumes that כִּי (ki) is asseverative here.
  3. Psalm 38:19 tn Heb “and my enemies, life, are many.” The noun חַיִּים (khayyim, “life”) fits very awkwardly here. The translation assumes an emendation to חִנָּם (khinnam, “without reason”; note the parallelism with שֶׁקֶר [sheqer, “falsely”] and see Pss 35:19; 69:4; Lam 3:52). The verb עָצַם (ʿatsam) can sometimes mean “are strong,” but here it probably focuses on numerical superiority (note the parallel verb רָבַב, ravav, “be many”).
  4. Psalm 38:19 tn Heb “are many.”