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Psalm 36[a]

Human Wickedness and Divine Providence

For the leader. Of David, the servant of the Lord.


Sin directs the heart of the wicked man;
    his eyes are closed to the fear of God.(A)
For he lives with the delusion:
    his guilt will not be known and hated.[b]

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  1. Psalm 36 A Psalm with elements of wisdom (Ps 36:2–5), the hymn (Ps 36:6–10), and the lament (Ps 36:11–13). The rule of sin over the wicked (Ps 36:2–5) is contrasted with the rule of divine love and mercy over God’s friends (Ps 36:6–10). The Psalm ends with a prayer that God’s guidance never cease (Ps 36:11–12).
  2. 36:3 Hated: punished by God.

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