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Psalm 34:7-9 New English Translation (NET Bible)

The angel of the Lord camps around
the Lord’s[a] loyal followers[b] and delivers them.[c]
Taste[d] and see that the Lord is good.
How blessed[e] is the one[f] who takes shelter in him.[g]
Fear the Lord, you chosen people of his,[h]
for those who fear him lack nothing.


  1. Psalm 34:7 tn Heb “his”; the referent (the Lord) has been specified in the translation for clarity.
  2. Psalm 34:7 tn Heb “those who fear him.”
  3. Psalm 34:7 tn The prefixed verb with vav (ו) consecutive here carries the same generalizing force as the active participle in the first line. See GKC 329 §111.u.
  4. Psalm 34:8 tn This verb is normally used of tasting food, as in eating a little bit of food (1 Sam 14:43; Jonah 3:7) or evaluating it (Job 12:11; 34:3). The two references to the physical senses stand for invitation and realization. Even a small or beginning experience of God reveals that he is good.
  5. Psalm 34:8 tn The Hebrew noun is an abstract plural. The word often refers metonymically to the happiness that God-given security and prosperity produce (see Pss 1:1, 3; 2:12; 41:1; 65:4; 84:12; 89:15; 106:3; 112:1; 127:5; 128:1; 144:15).
  6. Psalm 34:8 tn Heb “man.” The principle of the psalm is certainly applicable to all people, regardless of their gender or age. To facilitate modern application, we translate the gender and age specific “man” with the more neutral “one.”
  7. Psalm 34:8 tn “Taking shelter” in the Lord is an idiom for seeking his protection. Seeking his protection presupposes and even demonstrates the subject’s loyalty to the Lord. In the psalms those who “take shelter” in the Lord are contrasted with the wicked and equated with those who love, fear, and serve the Lord (Pss 2:12; 5:11-12; 31:17-20; 34:21-22).
  8. Psalm 34:9 tn Heb “O holy ones of his.”
New English Translation (NET)

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