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10 The Lord frustrates[a] the decisions of the nations;
he nullifies the plans[b] of the peoples.
11 The Lord’s decisions stand forever;
his plans abide throughout the ages.[c]
12 How blessed[d] is the nation whose God is the Lord,
the people whom he has chosen to be his special possession.[e]

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  1. Psalm 33:10 tn Heb “breaks” or “destroys.” The Hebrew perfect verbal forms here and in the next line generalize about the Lord’s activity.
  2. Psalm 33:10 tn Heb “thoughts.”
  3. Psalm 33:11 tn Heb “the thoughts of his heart for generation to generation.” The verb “abides” is supplied in the translation. The Lord’s “decisions” and “plans” here refer to his decrees and purposes.
  4. Psalm 33:12 tn The Hebrew noun is an abstract plural. The word often refers metonymically to the happiness that God-given security and prosperity produce (see Pss 1:1; 2:12; 34:9; 41:1; 65:4; 84:12; 89:15; 106:3; 112:1; 127:5; 128:1; 144:15).
  5. Psalm 33:12 tn Heb “inheritance.”