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Remember[a] your compassionate and faithful deeds, O Lord,
for you have always acted in this manner.[b]
Do not hold against me[c] the sins of my youth[d] or my rebellious acts.
Because you are faithful to me, extend to me your favor, O Lord.[e]
The Lord is both kind and fair;[f]
that is why he teaches sinners the right way to live.[g]

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  1. Psalm 25:6 tn That is, “remember” with the intention of repeating.
  2. Psalm 25:6 tn Heb “for from antiquity [are] they.”
  3. Psalm 25:7 tn Heb “do not remember,” with the intention of punishing.
  4. Psalm 25:7 sn That is, the sins characteristic of youths, who lack moral discretion and wisdom.
  5. Psalm 25:7 tn Heb “according to your faithfulness, remember me, you, for the sake of your goodness, O Lord.”
  6. Psalm 25:8 tn Heb “good and just.”
  7. Psalm 25:8 tn Heb “teaches sinners in the way.”