Psalm 24

Of David. A psalm.

The earth is the Lord’s,(A) and everything in it,
    the world, and all who live in it;(B)
for he founded it on the seas
    and established it on the waters.(C)

Who may ascend the mountain(D) of the Lord?
    Who may stand in his holy place?(E)
The one who has clean hands(F) and a pure heart,(G)
    who does not trust in an idol(H)
    or swear by a false god.[a]

They will receive blessing(I) from the Lord
    and vindication(J) from God their Savior.
Such is the generation of those who seek him,
    who seek your face,(K) God of Jacob.[b][c]

Lift up your heads, you gates;(L)
    be lifted up, you ancient doors,
    that the King(M) of glory(N) may come in.(O)
Who is this King of glory?
    The Lord strong and mighty,(P)
    the Lord mighty in battle.(Q)
Lift up your heads, you gates;
    lift them up, you ancient doors,
    that the King of glory may come in.
10 Who is he, this King of glory?
    The Lord Almighty(R)
    he is the King of glory.


  1. Psalm 24:4 Or swear falsely
  2. Psalm 24:6 Two Hebrew manuscripts and Syriac (see also Septuagint); most Hebrew manuscripts face, Jacob
  3. Psalm 24:6 The Hebrew has Selah (a word of uncertain meaning) here and at the end of verse 10.

“Who are these(A) that fly along like clouds,(B)
    like doves to their nests?
Surely the islands(C) look to me;
    in the lead are the ships of Tarshish,[a](D)
bringing(E) your children from afar,
    with their silver and gold,(F)
to the honor(G) of the Lord your God,
    the Holy One(H) of Israel,
    for he has endowed you with splendor.(I)

10 “Foreigners(J) will rebuild your walls,
    and their kings(K) will serve you.
Though in anger I struck you,
    in favor(L) I will show you compassion.(M)
11 Your gates(N) will always stand open,
    they will never be shut, day or night,
so that people may bring you the wealth of the nations(O)
    their kings(P) led in triumphal procession.
12 For the nation or kingdom that will not serve(Q) you will perish;
    it will be utterly ruined.(R)

13 “The glory of Lebanon(S) will come to you,
    the juniper, the fir and the cypress together,(T)
to adorn my sanctuary;(U)
    and I will glorify the place for my feet.(V)
14 The children of your oppressors(W) will come bowing before you;
    all who despise you will bow down(X) at your feet
and will call you the City(Y) of the Lord,
    Zion(Z) of the Holy One(AA) of Israel.

15 “Although you have been forsaken(AB) and hated,
    with no one traveling(AC) through,
I will make you the everlasting pride(AD)
    and the joy(AE) of all generations.
16 You will drink the milk of nations
    and be nursed(AF) at royal breasts.
Then you will know(AG) that I, the Lord, am your Savior,(AH)
    your Redeemer,(AI) the Mighty One of Jacob.(AJ)

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  1. Isaiah 60:9 Or the trading ships


Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilled[a] among us, just as they were handed down to us by those who from the first(B) were eyewitnesses(C) and servants of the word.(D) With this in mind, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, I too decided to write an orderly account(E) for you, most excellent(F) Theophilus,(G) so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.(H)

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  1. Luke 1:1 Or been surely believed

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