Which executeth justice [a]for the oppressed, which giveth bread to the hungry; the Lord looseth the prisoners.

The Lord giveth sight to the blind: the Lord raiseth up the crooked: the Lord [b]loveth the righteous.

The Lord keepeth the [c]strangers: he relieveth the fatherless and widow: but he overthroweth the way of the wicked.

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  1. Psalm 146:7 Whose faith and patience for a while he trieth, but at length he punisheth the adversaries, that he may be known to be judge of the world.
  2. Psalm 146:8 Though he visit them by affliction, hunger, imprisonment and such like, yet his fatherly love and pity never faileth them, yea, rather to his these are signs of his love.
  3. Psalm 146:9 Meaning, all them that are destitute of worldly means and succor.

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