145 This Psalm was composed when the kingdom of David flourished. 1 Wherein he describeth the wonderful providence of God, as well in governing man, as in preserving all the rest of his creatures. 17 He praiseth God for his justice and mercy. 18 But specially for his loving-kindness toward those that call upon him, that fear him, and love him:  21 For the which he promiseth to praise him forever.

A Psalm of David of praise.

O my God and King, [a]I will extol thee, and will bless thy Name forever and ever.

I will bless thee daily, and praise thy Name forever and ever.

[b]Great is the Lord, and most worthy to be praised, and his greatness is incomprehensible.

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  1. Psalm 145:1 He showeth what sacrifices are pleasant and acceptable unto God, even praise and thanksgiving, and seeing that God still continueth his benefits towards us, we ought never to be weary in praising him for the same.
  2. Psalm 145:3 Hereby he declareth that all power is subject unto God, and that no worldly promotion ought to obscure God’s glory.

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