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Psalm 142

A contemplative prayer[a] of David while he hid in a cave.

I call out loudly to the Eternal One;
    I lift my voice to the Eternal begging for His favor.
I let everything that’s going wrong spill out of my mouth;
    I spell out all my troubles to Him.
When my spirit buckled under the burdens I bear,
    You knew my way.
They conspired to trip me up and trap me
    on the path where I was walking.
Take a look around and see—to the right, to the left
    no one is there who cares for me.
There’s no way out of here;
    no one cares about the state of my soul.

You are the One I called to, O Eternal One.
    I said, “You’re the only safe place I know;
    You’re all I’ve got in this world.
Oh, let me know that You hear my cry
    because I’m languishing and desperate;

Rescue me from those who torment me
    because there’s no way I can stand up to them;
    they are much too strong for me.
Lift my captive soul from this dark prison
    so I may render to You my gratitude;
Then Your righteous people will gather around me
    because You will treat me with astounding goodness.”


  1. 142:title Hebrew, maskil

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