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Psalm 138:3-5 New English Translation (NET Bible)

When[a] I cried out for help, you answered me.
You made me bold and energized me.[b]
Let all the kings of the earth give thanks[c] to you, O Lord,
when they hear the words you speak.[d]
Let them sing about the Lord’s deeds,[e]
for the Lord’s splendor is magnificent.[f]


  1. Psalm 138:3 tn Heb “in the day.”
  2. Psalm 138:3 tn Heb “you made me bold in my soul [with] strength.”
  3. Psalm 138:4 tn The prefixed verbal forms here and in the following verse are understood as jussives, for the psalmist appears to be calling upon the kings to praise God. Another option is to take them as imperfects and translate, “the kings of the earth will give thanks…and will sing.” In this case the psalmist anticipates a universal response to his thanksgiving song.
  4. Psalm 138:4 tn Heb “the words of your mouth.”
  5. Psalm 138:5 tn Heb “ways.”
  6. Psalm 138:5 tn Heb “great.”
New English Translation (NET)

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