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135 Hallelujah! Yes, let his people praise him as they stand in his Temple courts. Praise the Lord because he is so good; sing to his wonderful name. For the Lord has chosen Israel as his personal possession.

I know the greatness of the Lord—that he is greater far than any other god. He does whatever pleases him throughout all of heaven and earth and in the deepest seas. He makes mists rise throughout the earth; he sends the lightning to bring down the rain and sends the winds from his treasuries. He destroyed the eldest child in each Egyptian home, along with the firstborn of the flocks. He did great miracles in Egypt before Pharaoh and all his people. 10 He smote great nations, slaying mighty kings— 11 Sihon, king of Amorites; and Og, the king of Bashan; and the kings of Canaan— 12 and gave their land as an eternal gift to his people Israel.

13 O Jehovah, your name endures forever; your fame is known to every generation. 14 For Jehovah will vindicate his people and have compassion on his servants.

15 The heathen worship idols of gold and silver made by men— 16 idols with speechless mouths, sightless eyes, 17 and ears that cannot hear; they cannot even breathe. 18 Those who make them become like them! And so do all who trust in them!

19 O Israel, bless Jehovah! High Priests of Aaron, bless his name. 20 O Levite priests, bless the Lord Jehovah! Oh, bless his name, all of you who trust and reverence him. 21 All people of Jerusalem, praise the Lord,[a] for he lives here in Jerusalem. Hallelujah!


  1. Psalm 135:21 All people of Jerusalem, praise the Lord, literally, “The Lord be blessed from Zion.”

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