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A Prayer of Someone Far from Home

A psalm ·for going up to worship [of ascents; C perhaps sung while traveling to Jerusalem to celebrate an annual religious festival like Passover].

120 When I was in ·trouble [distress], I called to the Lord,
    and he answered me.
Lord, ·save [protect] me from ·liars [L false lips]
    and from ·those who plan evil [L a deceptive tongue].

·You who plan evil [L O deceptive tongue], what will ·God do [L he give] to you?
    ·How will he punish [L What will he add to] you?
·He will punish you with the sharp arrows of a warrior
    and with burning coals of wood [L The sharp arrows of a warrior and the burning coals of a broom tree; C the broom tree produces excellent charcoal].

·How terrible it is for [L Woe to] me to ·live in the land of [L sojourn/wander in] Meshech [C by the Black Sea in Asia Minor; Gen. 10:2; Ezek. 38:2],
    to ·live [dwell; reside] among the ·people [L tents] of Kedar [C in the Arabian desert; Is. 21:16–17; Jer. 2:10; 49:28; Ezek. 27:21].
I have ·lived [dwelt; resided] too long
    with people who hate peace.
When I talk peace,
    they want war.