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Psalm 119:73-96English Standard Version (ESV)


73 Your hands have made and fashioned me;
    give me understanding that I may learn your commandments.
74 Those who fear you shall see me and rejoice,
    because I have hoped in your word.
75 I know, O Lord, that your rules are righteous,
    and that in faithfulness you have afflicted me.
76 Let your steadfast love comfort me
    according to your promise to your servant.
77 Let your mercy come to me, that I may live;
    for your law is my delight.
78 Let the insolent be put to shame,
    because they have wronged me with falsehood;
    as for me, I will meditate on your precepts.
79 Let those who fear you turn to me,
    that they may know your testimonies.
80 May my heart be blameless in your statutes,
    that I may not be put to shame!


81 My soul longs for your salvation;
    I hope in your word.
82 My eyes long for your promise;
    I ask, “When will you comfort me?”
83 For I have become like a wineskin in the smoke,
    yet I have not forgotten your statutes.
84 How long must your servant endure?[a]
    When will you judge those who persecute me?
85 The insolent have dug pitfalls for me;
    they do not live according to your law.
86 All your commandments are sure;
    they persecute me with falsehood; help me!
87 They have almost made an end of me on earth,
    but I have not forsaken your precepts.
88 In your steadfast love give me life,
    that I may keep the testimonies of your mouth.


89 Forever, O Lord, your word
    is firmly fixed in the heavens.
90 Your faithfulness endures to all generations;
    you have established the earth, and it stands fast.
91 By your appointment they stand this day,
    for all things are your servants.
92 If your law had not been my delight,
    I would have perished in my affliction.
93 I will never forget your precepts,
    for by them you have given me life.
94 I am yours; save me,
    for I have sought your precepts.
95 The wicked lie in wait to destroy me,
    but I consider your testimonies.
96 I have seen a limit to all perfection,
    but your commandment is exceedingly broad.


  1. Psalm 119:84 Hebrew How many are the days of your servant?
English Standard Version (ESV)

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Psalm 119:73-96The Voice (VOICE)


73 Your strong hands formed me and established me;
    give me understanding so I can learn Your commands.
74 Let those who fear You see me and rejoice
    because I hope in Your word.
75 I know, O Eternal One, Your rulings are right,
    and when You humbled me, You did so out of faithfulness.
76 Now let Your unfailing love be my comfort,
    in keeping with Your promise to Your servant.
77 Shower me with Your compassion so that I may live
    because I find great joy in Your law.
78 Let the proud be humiliated,
    for they sabotage me with a lie;
    still I will fix my mind on Your directives.
79 Let those who fear You and know Your testimonies
    come back and find me.
80 Let my heart be whole, my record according to what You require
    so that I will not be humiliated.


81 My soul is exhausted awaiting Your rescue
    yet I keep hoping in Your word.
82 My eyes are strained as I look for what You promised,
    saying, “When will You come to comfort me?”
83 Even though I have shriveled up like a wineskin left in the smoke,
    I still remember what You require.
84 How long must Your servant wait?
    When will You carry out justice and punish those who persecute me?
85 Those proud souls do not live according to Your commands,
    and they have dug pits to entrap me.
86 Indeed, all Your commands are trustworthy,
    but my enemies have harassed me with their lies; help me!
87 They have nearly ended my life on earth,
    but as for me, I never abandoned Your statutes.
88 According to Your unfailing love, spare my life
    so that I can live according to the decrees of Your mouth.


89 Forever, O Eternal One,
    Your word stands in heaven, firm and resolute.
90 Your faithfulness endures to every generation;
    You founded the earth, and it remains.
91 Everything remains today in keeping with Your laws,
    for all things exist to serve You.
92 If I had not found joy in Your guidance,
    then I would have died from my misery.
93 I will never forget Your precepts,
    for through them You have given me life.
94 I belong to You, Lord; save me
    because I have taken care to live by Your principles.
95 The wicked lie in wait, anxious to kill me;
    I will set my mind on Your statutes.
96 I have seen the limit of all perfection,
    but Your commands are all-encompassing.

The Voice (VOICE)

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