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I will give you sincere thanks,[a]
when I learn your just regulations.
I will keep your statutes.
Do not completely abandon me.[b]

ב (Bet)

How can a young person[c] maintain a pure life?[d]
By guarding it according to your instructions.[e]

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  1. Psalm 119:7 tn Heb “I will give you thanks with an upright heart.”
  2. Psalm 119:8 tn Heb “do not abandon me to excess.” For other uses of the phrase עַד מְאֹד (ʿad meʾod, “to excess”), see Ps 38:6, 8.
  3. Psalm 119:9 tn Heb “young man.” Hebrew wisdom literature often assumes and reflects the male-oriented perspective of ancient Israelite society. The principle of the psalm is certainly applicable to all people, regardless of their gender or age. To facilitate modern application, the gender specific “young man” has been translated with the more neutral “young person.”
  4. Psalm 119:9 tn Heb “purify his path.”
  5. Psalm 119:9 tn Heb “by keeping according to your word.” Many medieval Hebrew mss as well as the LXX read the plural, “your words.”