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Blessed is the Righteous Man

Psalm 112

Halleluyah! Happy is the man who fears Adonai,
who delights greatly in His mitzvot.
His offspring will be mighty in the land.
The generation of the upright will be blessed.
Wealth and riches are in his house,
and his righteousness endures forever.
Light shines in the darkness for the upright.
Gracious, compassionate and just is he.
Good comes to a man who is gracious and lends.
He will order his affairs with fairness.
Surely he will never be shaken.
The righteous are remembered forever.
He is not afraid of bad news—
his heart is steadfast, trusting in Adonai.
His heart is secure, he will not fear—
until he gazes on his foes.
He gives freely to the poor.
His righteousness endures forever.
His horn is lifted high in honor.
10 The wicked will see it and be indignant.
He will gnash with his teeth and waste away.
The desire of the wicked will perish.