The Lord Rescues People from Many Troubles.

107 (A)Give thanks to the Lord, for (B)He is good,
For His mercy is everlasting.
(C)The redeemed of the Lord shall say so,
Those whom He has (D)redeemed from the hand of the enemy
And (E)gathered from the lands,
From the east and from the west,
From the north and from the [a]south.

They (F)wandered in the wilderness in a [b]desert region;
They did not find a way to [c]an inhabited (G)city.
They were hungry [d]and thirsty;
Their (H)souls felt weak within them.
Then they (I)cried out to the Lord in their trouble;
He saved them from their distresses.
He also had them walk on a [e](J)straight way,
To go to [f](K)an inhabited city.
(L)They shall give thanks to the Lord for His mercy,
And for His [g]wonders to the sons of mankind!
For He has (M)satisfied the [h]thirsty soul,
And He has filled the (N)hungry soul with what is good.

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  1. Psalm 107:3 Lit sea
  2. Psalm 107:4 Lit waste
  3. Psalm 107:4 Or a habitable city; lit a city of habitation
  4. Psalm 107:5 Lit also
  5. Psalm 107:7 Or level
  6. Psalm 107:7 Or a habitable city; lit a city of habitation
  7. Psalm 107:8 I.e., wonderful acts
  8. Psalm 107:9 Or parched