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He established the earth on its foundations;
it will never be moved.
The watery deep covered it[a] like a garment;
the waters reached[b] above the mountains.[c]
Your shout made the waters retreat;
at the sound of your thunderous voice they hurried off—

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  1. Psalm 104:6 tc Heb “you covered it.” The masculine suffix is problematic if the grammatically feminine noun “earth” is the antecedent. For this reason some emend the form from כִּסִּיתוֹ (kissito) to a feminine verb with feminine suffix, כִּסַּתָּה (kissattah, “[the watery deep] covered it [i.e., the earth]”), a reading assumed by the present translation.
  2. Psalm 104:6 tn Heb “stood.”
  3. Psalm 104:6 sn Verse 6 refers to the condition described in Gen 1:2 (note the use of the Hebrew term תְּהוֹם [tehom, “watery deep”] in both texts).