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The Lord Is Always Merciful

(A) Tell the Lord
    how thankful you are,
because he is kind
    and always merciful.

Let Israel shout,
    “God is always merciful!”

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14 (A) My power and my strength
come from the Lord,
    and he has saved me.

15 From the tents of God's people
come shouts of victory:
    “The Lord is powerful!
16 With his mighty arm
the Lord wins victories!
    The Lord is powerful!”

17 And so my life is safe,
and I will live to tell
    what the Lord has done.
18 He punished me terribly,
but he did not let death
    lay its hands on me.

19 Open the gates of justice!
I will enter and tell the Lord
    how thankful I am.

20 Here is the gate of the Lord!
Everyone who does right
    may enter this gate.

21 I praise the Lord
for answering my prayers
    and saving me.
22 (B)(C) The stone that the builders
    tossed aside
has now become
    the most important stone.

23 The Lord has done this,
    and it is amazing to us.
24 This day belongs to the Lord!
Let's celebrate
    and be glad today.

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