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A Nation Asks for Forgiveness

(A) We will celebrate
    and praise you, Lord!
You are good to us,
    and your love never fails.
No one can praise you enough
for all the mighty things
    you have done.
You bless those people
who are honest and fair
    in everything they do.

Remember me, Lord,
when you show kindness
    by saving your people.
Let me prosper with the rest
    of your chosen ones,
as they celebrate with pride
    because they belong to you.

We and our ancestors
    have sinned terribly.

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19 (A) At Horeb your people
made and worshiped the statue
20     of a bull, instead of you,
    their glorious God.
21 You worked powerful miracles
    to save them from Egypt,
but they forgot about you
22 and the fearsome things
    you did at the Red Sea.[a]
23 You were angry and started
    to destroy them,
but Moses, your chosen leader,
    begged you not to do it.

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  1. 106.22 Red Sea: See the note at 106.7.

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