The Works and the Word of God.

For the music director. A Psalm of David.

19 The (A)heavens tell of the glory of God;
And their (B)expanse declares the work of His hands.
Day to (C)day pours forth speech,
And (D)night to night reveals knowledge.
There is no speech, nor are there words;
Their voice is not heard.
Their [a](E)line has gone out into all the earth,
And their words to the end of the world.
In them He has (F)placed a tent for the sun,
Which is like a groom coming out of his chamber;
It rejoices like a strong person to run his course.
Its (G)rising is from [b]one end of the heavens,
And its circuit to the [c]other end of them;
And there is nothing hidden from its heat.

(H)The Law of the Lord is [d](I)perfect, (J)restoring the soul;
The testimony of the Lord is (K)sure, making (L)wise the simple.
The precepts of the Lord are (M)right, (N)rejoicing the heart;
The commandment of the Lord is (O)pure, (P)enlightening the eyes.
The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever;
The judgments of the Lord are (Q)true; they are (R)righteous altogether.
10 They are more desirable than (S)gold, yes, than much pure gold;
(T)Sweeter also than honey and drippings of the honeycomb.
11 Moreover, (U)Your servant is warned by them;
In keeping them there is great (V)reward.
12 Who can (W)discern his errors? (X)Acquit me of (Y)hidden faults.
13 Also keep Your servant back (Z)from presumptuous sins;
Let them not (AA)rule over me;
Then I will be (AB)innocent,
And I will be blameless of (AC)great wrongdoing.
14 May the words of my mouth and (AD)the meditation of my heart
Be acceptable in Your sight,
Lord, (AE)my rock and my (AF)Redeemer.

Prayer for Victory over Enemies.

For the music director. A Psalm of David.

20 May the Lord answer you (AG)on a day of trouble!
May the (AH)name of the (AI)God of Jacob [e]protect you!
May He send you help (AJ)from the sanctuary,
And (AK)support you from Zion!
May He (AL)remember all your meal offerings
And [f](AM)accept your burnt offering! Selah

May He grant you your (AN)heart’s desire
And (AO)fulfill your whole plan!
[g]We will (AP)sing for joy over your [h]victory,
And in the name of our God we will (AQ)set up our banners.
May the Lord (AR)fulfill all your desires.

Now (AS)I know that the Lord saves His anointed;
He will (AT)answer him from His holy heaven
With the [i](AU)saving strength of His right hand.
Some praise their chariots and some their (AV)horses,
But (AW)we will praise the name of the Lord, our God.
They have (AX)bowed down and fallen,
But we have (AY)risen and stood upright.
[j](AZ)Save, Lord;
May the (BA)King answer us on the day we call.


  1. Psalm 19:4 Another reading is sound
  2. Psalm 19:6 Lit the end
  3. Psalm 19:6 Lit the ends
  4. Psalm 19:7 I.e., blameless
  5. Psalm 20:1 Lit make you high and inaccessible
  6. Psalm 20:3 Lit consider fat
  7. Psalm 20:5 Or Let’s sing
  8. Psalm 20:5 Or salvation
  9. Psalm 20:6 Or mighty deeds of the victory of His right hand
  10. Psalm 20:9 Or O Lord, save the king; answer us

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