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Proverbs 6:27-35 Tree of Life Version (TLV)

27 Can a man scoop fire into his lap
without burning his clothes?
28 Or can a man walk upon hot coals
without scorching his feet?
29 So is he who goes to another man’s wife.
No one who touches her will go unpunished.
30 Men do not despise a thief if he steals
to satisfy himself when he is starving.
31 Yet if he is caught, he must repay sevenfold,
giving up all the wealth of his house.
32 He who commits adultery with a woman lacks sense.
Whoever does so destroys himself.
33 He will find disease and disgrace.
His shame will never be wiped away.
34 For jealousy enrages a man
and he will show no mercy in the day of revenge.
35 He will not accept any compensation,
he will not consent,
even if your bribe is great.

Tree of Life Version (TLV)

Tree of Life (TLV) Translation of the Bible. Copyright © 2015 by The Messianic Jewish Family Bible Society.


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