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My son, live according to what I am telling you;
    guard my instructions as you would a treasure deep within you.
Stay true to my directives, and they will serve you well;
    make my teachings the lens through which you see life.
Bind cords around your fingers to remind you of them;
    meditate on them, and you’ll engrave them upon your heart.
Say to Lady Wisdom, “My sister”;
    recognize that understanding is your best friend,
And they will keep you from the arms of another woman—
    protect you from the enchantress who entices men into her bed.

People are forgetful, so we must be reminded constantly of Wisdom and her ways. We don’t always need to hear something new; often we just need to be reminded of what is true. In these proverbs wisdom is found when one not only knows what is right, but acts on that knowledge. Foolishness, on the other hand, means a lack of understanding and wrongdoing.

One day I was at the window of my house,
    looking out through my lattice shutters,
And there among the usual crowd of the gullible people
    I spotted a naive young man.
He was going down the street near the corner where she lived—that mysterious and evil woman
    taking the road that led directly to her house.
At the end of the day, as night approached
    and darkness crept in,

10 I saw her! A woman came out to meet him.
    She was dressed for temptation and devious with her affections.
11 Here’s what I know about her: she is loud and obnoxious, a rebel against what is proper and decent.
    She’s always on the move—anxious to get out of the house and
12 Down the street; at times in the open,
    at others lurking around every corner.
13 As I am watching them, she grabs him and kisses him,
    then shamelessly tells him:

14 The Immoral Woman: It was my turn to offer a peace offering,
        and today I paid my vows,
15     So now I come to see you.
        I really want to be with you, and what luck! I have found you!
16     You’ll be impressed. I have decorated my couch,
        laid colorful Egyptian linens over where we will be together,
17     And perfumed the bed with exotic oils and herbs:
        myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.
18     Come in, and we will feast on love until sunrise;
        we will delight ourselves in our affections.
19     You don’t need to worry; my husband is long gone by now,
        away from home on a distant journey.
20     He took a bag of money with him,
        so I don’t expect him home until next month.

21 It worked! She enticed him with seductive words,
    seduced him with her smooth talk.
22 Right away he followed her home.
    He followed her like a bull being led to the slaughter,
Like a fool[a] caught in a trap
23     (that is, until an arrow punctures his liver),
Like a bird flying straight into a net.
    He had no clue his life was at stake; everything was about to change.

24 This is why it is so important that you listen to me, my sons,
    and pay attention to all I am telling you.
25 Do not let your mind wonder about her ways;
    do not lose yourself and drift down her path,
26 For she’s claimed one life after another,
    victim after victim, too many to count.
27 Her house is the gateway to the grave;
    every step toward her is a step toward death’s dark chamber.


  1. 7:22 Some manuscripts read “deer.”

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