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Proverbs 30:10-12 The Voice (VOICE)

Wealth and poverty have something in common. Both situations can lead us to forget God. If we are rich, then it is easy to think it was our skill, our strength, and our hard work that got us there. We forget it was God who gave us the time and talent to succeed. If we are poor, then it is easy to steal and then make excuses for what we did. We forget that God said, “You are not to take what is not yours” (Exodus 20:15). When God’s people violate His teaching, God is the one who gets a black eye.

10 Never run down a servant to his master
    because the slave might curse you and you would suffer as a result.

11 There is a kind of person who curses his father
    and pronounces no blessing upon his mother;
12 A kind of person who is without fault in his own estimation
    but has not been scrubbed clean of his own sordidness;

The Voice (VOICE)

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