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29 Sudden perishing shall come [up]on that man, that with hard noll, that is, (with) an obstinate soul, despiseth a blamer (despiseth a rebuker); and health shall not follow him.

The commonality shall be glad in the multiplying of just men; when wicked men have taken princehood, the people shall wail. (The community shall be glad when the righteous rule; but when the wicked rule, then the people shall wail.)

A man that loveth wisdom, maketh glad his father; but he that nourisheth a strumpet, shall lose his chattel. (A man who loveth wisdom, maketh his father glad; but he who feedeth a whore, shall lose his possessions.)

A just king raiseth [up] the land; an avaricious man shall destroy it.

A man that speaketh by flattering and feigned words to his friend, spreadeth abroad a net to his steps.

A snare shall wrap a wicked man doing sin; and a just man shall praise, and make joy. (A snare shall enwrap the wicked doing sin; but the righteous shall give praise, and make joy in their lives.)

A just man knoweth the cause of poor men; and an unpious man knoweth not knowing. (The righteous know of the concerns of the poor; but the wicked do not care to know.)

Men full of pestilence destroy a city; but wise men turn away strong vengeance.

If a wise man striveth with a fool, whether he be wroth, or laugh, he shall not find rest.

10 Men-quellers hate a simple man; but just men seek his soul. (Murderers hate honest people; but the righteous seek them out.)

11 A fool bringeth forth all his spirit; a wise man delayeth, and reserveth into (the) time (to) coming afterward.

12 A prince that heareth willfully the words of leasing, shall have all his servants unfaithful. (A ruler who willingly listeneth to lies, shall have servants who all be unfaithful./If a ruler willingly listeneth to lies, then all of his servants shall be unfaithful.)

13 A poor man and a lender met themselves; the Lord is [the] lightener of ever either. (A poor person and a lender met together; the Lord lighteneth the burdens of both of them.)

14 If a king deemeth poor men in truth, his throne shall be made steadfast [into] without end. (If a king judgeth the poor with honesty, his throne shall be made secure forever.)

15 A rod and chastising shall give wisdom; but a child, that is left to his own will, shameth his mother.

16 Great trespasses shall be multiplied in the multiplying of wicked men; and just men shall see the fallings of them. (Great trespasses shall be multiplied when the wicked rule; but the righteous shall see the falling of them.)

17 Teach thy son, and he shall comfort thee (and he shall be a comfort to thee); and he shall give delights to thy soul.

18 When prophecy faileth, the people shall be destroyed; but he that keepeth the law, is blessed (but he who obeyeth the Law, is blessed).

19 A servant may not be taught (only) by words; for he understandeth that that thou sayest, and he despiseth to answer. (A servant will not be corrected with words alone; for he understandeth what thou sayest, but he still despiseth to answer thee.)

20 Thou hast seen a man swift to speak; folly shall be hoped more than his amending. (Thou hast seen a person quick to speak; more shall be hoped of from a fool, than for that person’s correction.)

21 He that nourisheth his servant delicately from childhood, shall find him (a) rebel afterward. (He who delicately careth for his servant from childhood, shall find him to be rebellious later.)

22 A wrathful man stirreth chidings; and he that is light to have indignation, shall be more inclined to sins. (An angry person stirreth up arguments; and he who is quick to have indignation, shall be more inclined to sin.)

23 Lowness followeth a proud man; and glory shall up-take a meek man of spirit. (Lowness followeth the proud; but honour shall come to those with a humble spirit.)

24 He that taketh part with a thief, hateth his soul; he heareth a man charging greatly, and showeth not. (He who taketh part with a thief, hateth his own soul; he heareth someone telling many lies, but he declareth it not.)

25 He that dreadeth a man, shall fall soon; he that hopeth in the Lord, shall be raised [up]. (He who feareth someone, shall soon fall; but he who hopeth in the Lord, shall be raised up.)

26 Many men seek the face of the prince; and the doom of all men shall go forth of the Lord. (Many people seek favour from a leader; but for all people judgement, or justice, shall come from the Lord.)

27 Just men have abomination of a wicked man; and wicked men have abomination of them, that be in a rightful way. (The righteous have abomination for the wicked; and the wicked have abomination for those who be on the right way.)