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25 Also these be the Parables of Solomon, which the men of Hezekiah, king of Judah, translated.

The glory of God is to cover a word; and the glory of kings is to seek out a word. (The glory of God be those things which he hath hidden; and the glory of kings is to search them out.)

Heaven above, and the earth beneath, and the heart of kings is unsearchable. (The heavens be above, and the earth is beneath, and a king’s heart is unsearchable.)

Do thou away rust from silver, and a full clean vessel shall go out.

Do thou away unpiety from the cheer of the king (Take thou away wicked persons from before the king), and his throne shall be made steadfast by rightfulness.

Appear thou not glorious before the king, and stand thou not in the place of great men.

For it is better, that it be said to thee, Ascend thou hither (Come thou up here), than that thou be made low before the prince.

Bring thou not forth soon those things in strife, which thine eyes saw; lest afterward thou mayest not amend, when thou hast made thy friend unhonest. (Bring thou not soon forth those things in strife, or an argument, which thine eyes saw; lest afterward thou cannot correct it, when thou hast dishonoured thy friend.)

Treat thy cause with thy friend, and show thou not (a) private (matter) to a strange man;

10 lest peradventure he have joy of thy fall (lest perhaps he have joy over thy fall), when he hath heard (of it), and cease not to do shame to thee.

11 (As) A golden pommel in beds of silver is he, that speaketh a word in his time. (Like a golden apple in beds of silver, is a word spoken at its proper time.)

12 (As) A golden earring, and a shining pearl is he, that reproveth a wise man, and an ear obeying. (Like a golden earring, and a shining pearl, is a wise person who rebuketh someone with an obedient ear.)

13 As the cold of snow in the day of harvest, so a faithful messenger to him that sent him, maketh his soul to have rest. (Like the cold of snow on the day of harvest, is a faithful messenger to him who sent him, for he maketh his soul to have rest.)

14 (As) A cloud and wind, and (then) rain not following, is a glorious man, and not [ful]filling promises. (Like a cloud and wind, but then rain not following, is a honourable person who fulfilleth not his promises.)

15 A prince shall be made soft by patience; and a soft tongue shall break hardness.

16 Thou hast found honey, eat thou (only) that that sufficeth to thee; lest peradventure thou be (over-)filled, and spew it out.

17 Withdraw thy foot from the house of thy neighbour; lest sometime he be filled (of thee), that is, annoyed (by thee), and hate thee.

18 (Like) A dart, and a sword, and a sharp arrow, (is) a man that speaketh false witnessing against his neighbour.

19 (As) A rotten tooth, and a faint foot is he, that hopeth on an unfaithful man in the day of anguish, (Like a rotten tooth, and a faint foot, is he, who hopeth on, or trusteth in, an unfaithful person on his day of anguish.)

20 and loseth his mantle in the day of cold. Vinegar in a vessel of salt is he, that singeth songs to the worst heart. As a moth harmeth a cloth, and a worm harmeth a tree, so the sorrow of a man harmeth the heart. (Like him who taketh away a mantle on a cold day, and like vinegar in a vessel of salt, is he who singeth songs to an aggrieved heart. Like a moth harmeth a cloak, and a worm harmeth a tree, so a person’s sorrow harmeth his heart.)

21 If thine enemy hungereth, feed thou him; if he thirsteth, give thou him water to drink;

22 for thou shalt gather together coals on his head; and the Lord shall yield to thee. (for thou shalt gather together coals upon his head; and the Lord shall reward thee.)

23 The north wind scattereth abroad rains; and a sorrowful face destroyeth a tongue backbiting. (Like the north wind scattereth rains abroad; so an angry look destroyeth a backbiting tongue.)

24 It is better to sit in the corner of an house without [a] roof, than with a woman full of chiding, and in a common house. (It is better to sit in the corner of a house without a roof, than to be with a woman full of arguments, or of bickering, in a house together.)

25 Cold water to a thirsty man; and a good messenger from a far land. (Like cold water to a thirsty man, is good news from a far land.)

26 (As) A well disturbed with foot, and a vein broken, (is) a just man falling before a wicked man. (Like a well disturbed with a foot, and a broken fountain, is the righteous falling before the wicked.)

27 As it is not good to him that eateth much honey; so he that is a searcher of majesty, shall be put down from glory. (Like it is not good for him who eateth too much honey; so he who seeketh his own glory, shall be brought down from his place of honour.)

28 As a city open, and without compass of walls; so is a man that may not refrain his spirit in speaking. (Like a city that is open, and without any walls surrounding it, is a man who cannot refrain his own spirit from speaking.)