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Proverbs 19:11-13 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

11 The teaching of a man is known by patience; and his glory is to pass over wicked things. (Patience showeth a person’s wisdom, or the lack of it; and a person’s glory is to overlook a wrong.)

12 As the gnashing of a lion, so and the ire of the king; and as dew on herb, so and the gladness of the king. (Like the gnashing of a lion, is the king’s anger; and like the dew on the grass, is the king’s gladness.)

13 The sorrow of the father is a fond son; and roofs dropping continually is a woman full of chiding. (A father’s sorrow is a foolish son; and a woman full of arguments, or of bickering, is like a roof continually dripping water.)


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