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11 It is good sense to be slow to anger,
    and an honor to overlook an offense.[a]
12 The king’s wrath is like the roar of a lion,
    but his favor, like dew on the grass.[b](A)
13 The foolish son is ruin to his father,(B)
    and a quarrelsome wife is water constantly dripping.[c]

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  1. 19:11 The paradox is that one obtains one thing by giving up another.
  2. 19:12 An observation on the exercise of royal power. Both images suggest royal attitudes are beyond human control. Colon A is a variant of 20:2a and colon B of 16:15b.
  3. 19:13 One of many sayings about domestic happiness. The perspective is male; the two greatest pains to a father is a malicious son and an unsuitable wife. The immediately following saying is on the noble wife, perhaps to make a positive statement about women.

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