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because epi of · ho your hymeis partnership koinōnia in eis the ho gospel euangelion from apo the ho first prōtos day hēmera until achri · ho now nyn. For I am confident peithō of this very autos thing houtos, that hoti he ho who began enarchomai a good agathos work ergon in en you hymeis will bring it to completion epiteleō at achri the day hēmera of Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous. It is eimi right dikaios for me egō to feel phroneō this houtos way about hyper all pas of you hymeis, because dia I egō have echō you hymeis in en my ho heart kardia, since both te in en · ho my egō imprisonment desmos and kai in en the ho defense apologia and kai confirmation bebaiōsis of the ho gospel euangelion, you hymeis all pas share with synkoinōnos me egō in the ho grace charis of God.

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