Because of the [a]fellowship which ye have in the Gospel, from the [b]first day unto now.

And I am persuaded of this same thing, that he that hath begun this good work in you, will perform it until the [c]day of Jesus Christ,

As it becometh me so to judge of you all, because I have you in remembrance, that both in my [d]bands, and in my defense, and confirmation of the Gospel you all were partakers of my [e]grace.

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  1. Philippians 1:5 Because that you also are made partakers of the Gospel.
  2. Philippians 1:5 Ever since I knew you.
  3. Philippians 1:6 The Spirit of God will not forsake you unto the very latter end, until your mortal bodies shall appear before the judgment of Christ, to be glorified.
  4. Philippians 1:7 A true proof of a true knitting together with Christ.
  5. Philippians 1:7 He calleth his bands, grace, as though he had received some singular benefit.